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  1. Becoming a piece of Puzzlepart… what?

    February 17, 2012 by GissiSim

    GissiSim Trading Card
    PuzzlePart logoI’m proud to announce that I have joined the top startup company Puzzlepart. With a team of professionals that are all at the top of their game, all have the same passion for the web as I do, I am excited and honored to be working along side them to bring our combined vision of SharePoint applications to the world. I have previously worked for the largest IT firms, both in Iceland at Skýrr and now for EDB ErgoGroup here in Norway, both great places where I have honed my craft and learned most of what I know when it comes to SharePoint and .Net development. This has given me the confidence in my abilities to take the step to put my skills to use in help build a company that I truly believe in.

    Puzzlepart is a company that has a vision and philosophy that aligns strongly with my own. They look to both the Open Source Community as well Apple for inspiration and also on how to build their solutions. It is very rare to see a Microsoft Gold partner working on SharePoint application and consulting to have these influences, however I believe this is exactly what is missing from the community.

    Here is a little description on Puzzlepart from their site:

    Puzzlepart is startup based in Oslo with an ambition to be a game changer in the enterprise software space.

    Our vision is to apply the passion and techniques of the open source community to deliver Web 2.0 solutions that give enterprise users the experience consumers get from Apple today, delivered on Microsoft SharePoint and the Microsoft enterprise platform.

    We are a unique combination of people from the software community, consulting industry and product development. In our experienced team of software professionals you’ll find senior solution architects, Microsoft MVPs, the founder of the Norwegian .NET User Group NNUG and published author, a team of passionate developers, an award winning art director, and a former director of R&D from Tandberg.

    I am starting with them on March 1st, and am looking forward to providing them with a new perspective on front-end development and web standards. Take a look at the announcement article where I get the much sought after Puzzlepart jersey – GissiSim is Puzzlepart #2 – Striker.

    Of course check out to find out more about my new employer. Make sure to check out their first product DID, a unique and amazing take on how to deal with everyones favored activity – Time Sheets.

    Also add them on twitter @Puzzlepart

    Last but not least, check out my new computer nerd trading card =)

    GissiSim Trading Card