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  1. Is anyone else a bit upset with the new filters? I feel like they dropped some and the once that are left are just not as sharp

    September 21, 2011 by GissiSim

    Taken on September 21, 2011 at 03:13AM with Instagram. Check it out here:

  2. First photo taken with my new ifttt task.

    September 18, 2011 by GissiSim

    Taken on September 18, 2011 at 10:04AM with Instagram. Check it out here:

  3. How Twitter Helps (Reborn Series)

    July 25, 2011 by GissiSim

    Twitter is becoming a part of our every day lives. You can´t watch TV or listen to the radio without it being mentioned. Since more and more people are starting to use the power of Twitter. It´s time to really see what we can use it for.

    1. Twitter Helps us watch TV

    Darren Waters of The BBC wrote an interesting article about how Twitter has made TV viewing social again.

    “Last night I was watching Eurovision with Twitter running on my laptop. In real time, my Twitter friends and I shared comments and made observations about the event as it was happening.

    Here we can see how Twitter enhances his experience. Something that might have been a fairly normal or boring viewing has become something special. I´ve seen people watching shows together like Lost and Heroes etc. Try it sometime, you might just like it.

    2. Twitter Help us Report

    It was quickly realized how powerful Twitter was in this area. Now you can write about a local happening in real time, taking the power out of the big media companies and puts it back in the peoples hands. Many reporters have started to embrace Twitter as a new way of getting to their listeners. News agency are also all over twitter, from CNN to Fox News.

    Here is an interesting article about how Reporters use twitter.

    3. Twitter Helps us Raise Money

    One of the best example of this has been the Charity: Water campaign. There was a huge “Twestival” held in 202 cities around the world. Here Twitter helped spread the message, that people need clean drinking water. So far the project has raised $250,000. Go to Twestival home page for more information.

    4. Twitter Helps us Work

    I use twitter all the time to help me in my day to day work. If I have a problem with a jQuery function, or sharepoint configuration. I can post my query to my Twitter buddies, most of the time they have helpful information to pass along. I highly recommend you try using it for your benefit in this respect, however be sure to help others in return.

    Take a look at this article from the New York Times on how Twitter can help you at work

    5. Twitter Helps us Become a Better Writer

    This might not be clear at first. However, since Twitter is limiting us to only 140 characters at a time. We really need to work hard on condensing our message, making it clear and concise. This can be great for copywriters to really hone their skills. For an excellent in depth view on how Twitter helps you become a better writer, check out copyblogger.

    6. Twitter Helps us Do Presentations

    Excellent to use Twitter to make a presentation. Even though it isn´t on Twitter itself, it can help you really get some useful information and sources for your topic. It could actually be a fun thing to actually pose a question on Twitter durring your presentation, and then check back at your replies at the end and see what they give you. Risky sure, but fun.

    There is a fun video on how this works. See the video here.

    7. Twitter Helps us Fly

    An excellent article in USA Today(article no longer on their servers), talks about how BWI is using Twitter to let travelers know about their flights, cancelations etc right form Twitter. Now you can get those updates right to your phone, anywhere you are. Very good example that other companies can pick up and run with.

    8. Twitter Helps us Get To Know Stars

    Twitter has been huge with the Hollywood elite. From Britney Spears to Shaq to Stephen Fry to Demi Moore, there are all kinds of starts and famouse people on there for you to interact with. Most of these starts actually write back to fans (however you need to be really lucky to catch their eye). So you can get to know a Star =)

    9. Twitter Helps us Research

    Very good tool for advertisers to get a candid glimps into the lives of their clients. You can also do some reference research on Twitter. Take a look at this blog to get more information about this.

    10. Twitter Helps us Get A Job

    Yes you can even find a job using Twitter. Actually turns out to be a great place to find a job. Here you can really get into personal contact with companies and people working at companies. You can show your worth by posting useful information and projects you´ve been working on. There are a few sites that actually pick up job listings on Twitter. Take a look at for some more help.

    11. Twitter Helps us Eat

    Often when you´re traveling, you aren´t sure where the best places to eat are. Of course here Twitter helps us out a lot. There are people from all over the place on Twitter, so all you have to do is ask “What is your favorid restaurant in BLANK area”. Now sit and wait for some suggestions. For more information take a look at this blog article.

    Orginally posted by GissiSim on Mar 26, 2009

  4. Bringing back my old tutorials and articles!

    July 22, 2011 by GissiSim

    Thanks to Google’s Caching of old webpages. All of the content that I wrote and got a lot of mentions and seemed to help many are saved in their massive system of hashed old web pages =P

    Now most of my own personal images that I created for the tutorials are not there. However I can #1 make something better #2 just put up the text for now, and then re write them for our current time.

    I’m excited. It will be nice to get all the good stuff that this site first got big because of. Look for seeing an article every day or two.



  5. Please follow me on Tumblr

    July 11, 2011 by GissiSim

    I am sorry to say that I have not had much time to work on my blog. I have wanted this to become a place for web professionals to read and share their experiences etc etc. Write up my strategies for how I tackle different challenges in my job.

    However for the time being I will not have time to devote my time to this. This does not mean that I will not ever, it just means that for the next few months I am busy on a few very large projects here in Norway.

    While you wait, please check out my tumblr account Tumbls and Falls or follow me on twitter @gissisim.

    You can find me on many other places if you look at the footer of this blog and of course by googling GissiSim =P

    I am really looking forward to being back full force on this blog. Til then, have a great summer!

  6. GissiSim dot com returns

    May 20, 2011 by GissiSim

    After a long time away form the social media / branding scene. I have decided to bring my domain back from the dead. Look here for future updates.