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  1. Google Analytics Segments (Reborn Series)

    November 9, 2011 by GissiSim

    I wanted to put up a few examples of how I am using Google Analytics Advanced Segment creator. I will be following up with more articles on how to do more cool things with Advanced Segments, Custom Reports, Intelligence Alerts, and even some of the Google API calls.

    Here is a great way to create a Advanced Segment to see how much traffic you’re getting from your social media sites such as, etc etc etc.

    Social Media Advanced Segment

    1. Go to Advanced Segments on the left column.
    2. Click ‘Create new custom segment’
    3. Under Dimensions find Source, drag it over to where it says Dimensions or Metrics
    4. Then you will see Condition, select ‘Matches Regular Expression’
    5. Here you list your social networks as a regular expression. Here is what I have: facebook\.com|twitter\.com|flickr\.com|youtube\.com|digg\.com
    6. At the bottom give it a name.
    7. Now you can test it to see if it works, once thats done hit ‘Create Segment’

    Advanced Segments

    Please know that you can click on the images to get a their full size counterpart.

    Then we go and put it into action in the Dashboard. Here I will just show you a picture how how you do it. Pretty self explanatory.

    Analytic Graph from Advanced Segments

    Like I said this is just the start. I will be writing more articles with more intense use of these new features. I just wanted to give a quick simple example to get you’re ideas popping. There are of course some more ways I use this, to see what News Sources are linking to my webpage. So maybe cnn\.com|bbc\.co\.uk etc etc.

    As you can see there are endless possibilities, and these are the tools that the company I work for ( Ergo Group ) uses to help our clients archive the conversion goals for our clients.

    Orginally posted by GissiSim on Mar 26, 2009